How to warm up muscles for massage

Heat helps to relax your muscles. When you go to a spa they may have Jacuzzi or sauna to relax the entire body before and after massage. Other massage places may have a tub to soak your feet, hot towels, hot stones and heat packs to warm up the local area. When you don’t have access to those heating devices you can still warm up the area using a friction technique with your hands.

One way is to use the base of your thumb and rub the area sideways. The other more effective way is to use the pinky side of your hands and rub like you are starting a fire. Depending on the material you are rubbing on your hands may get burned so be careful. Use a massage lotion or oil if you are doing this on bare skin.

Nothing is worse than getting massaged with cold hands. Make sure your hands are warm by rubbing them together, soaking in hot water or sitting on your hands before you touch the receiver’s skin.

Happy Massaging!

4-14-14 How to warm up the area

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