This week I’ll show you one of the Swedish massage techniques called fanning using thumbs. Swedish massage is usually done on the massage table and using a lubricant such as massage oil or lotion or crème on a bare skin.

The fanning is a gliding motion done in the direction and length of the muscle. Imagine you have a line. Move your thumbs alternately over the line in a semi-circular motion.

Let’s practice on a body. I’m going to massage rhomboids between the spine and shoulder blade. Draw imaginary lines in the direction of the muscle. Use a tiny bit of lubricant. Do the fanning with your thumbs from right next to the spine to the shoulder blade.

The key is to move the entire hand from your torso to move your thumbs, not just your thumbs. Try to keep the angle between the thumb and index finger. Keep your arm straight so you can use your body weight for pressure and not depend on your thumb strength.

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Massage Monday #350 – Swedish Massage Technique – Fanning with Thumbs


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