I have been super busy and my hands have been hurting a bit. This week I’m going to show you the self Shiatsu massage on hands that I’m doing for my hands.

Let’s start with the top of the hand. Put three imaginary dots on the space between the extensions of the finger bones. With five fingers you have four spaces between the finger bones. Press each dot or stimulate each dot with a hooked thumb. Repeat on all the dots. If you are pregnant, skip the space between your thumb and index finger as there is an acupressure point to induce labor.self Shiatsu massage top of hand

Now the fingers. Put imaginary dots on each finger. On the thumb, three dots on three locations with six dots between the base and the joint and three dots at the nail base. On the rest of the fingers, three dots on four locations with six dots between the base and the joint. Three dots in the middle section. And three dots at the nail base. Press or stimulate every single dot with a hooked thumb.self Shiatsu massage fingers

Then the palm. Put three imaginary dots on three lines. Again, press or stimulate each dot with a hooked thumb or index finger joint.

self Shiatsu massage on palm

Finish up with a shake and snap on each finger. I have a link to another video below on how to do this particular technique.
Finger Snap – How to massage your finger Asian style – Massage Monday #118 https://youtu.be/EPwT5yXpIts

Repeat on the other hand. Your hands will be very happy.

Massage Monday #405 – The Best Trigger Point App: Muscle Trigger Points http://bit.ly/mm-405


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