This week I’m going to do a reflexology on the bottom half of the top of foot. I’ve done the top half of the top of foot and here’s the link. The bottom half of the top of foot correspond to the lower body. Think of the midline as waist line. Top half is upper body and bottom half is lower body. You can do what I’m going to show by sitting on the floor or sitting on the chair.

The area between the midline to the ankle corresponds to the lower back and hip area. You can massage this area with the flat middle part of your fingers like this. Or to be more specific use your thumbs alternate or put your thumbs together. Whenever you use your thumbs, move your entire hand to move your thumbs instead of just circling the straight thumb because your thumb will get tired this way very quickly and will not last for a long time.

Reflexology chart top of footLet’s move to the outer side. The area below the ankle bone corresponds to knee, leg and hip. Massage this area with your thumb by cupping the heel. Again move your entire hand to move your thumb. You can also use the side of your index finger.

Right under the ankle bones correspond to the hip joints. Under the outer ankle bone is outer hip joint and under the inner ankle bone is inner hip joint. Anchor with your thumbs on the Achilles and glide the side of your index fingers around the ankle bones.

Between the ankle bone and the heel on the outside of the foot is the reproductive organ: ovary for women and testicle for men. Between the ankle bone and the heel on the inside of the foot is uterus for women and prostate for men. I remember these by thinking outside is the production center where ovary produces eggs and testicle produces sperms and inside is the container where uterus holds fetus and prostate holds prostatic fluid. You can massage these areas with again the side of the index fingers with your thumbs anchored on the Achilles.

The top of the ankle corresponds to the lymphatic system in the groin area and also the duct in the reproductive organ: fallopian tube for women and vas deferens for men. Loosen up this area by circling the side of your index fingers and glide your thumbs from the center to the sides.

The heel corresponds to the tail bone or coccyx. You can pinch between your thumb and index finger or use the side of the index fingers. Both sides of the Achilles is the sciatic nerve. Put a pressure with the side of the index finger and glide up to the calf muscles.

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Do these of the other foot. Right foot correspond to the right half of the body and left foot correspond to the left half of the body.

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2-16-15 Self Reflexology – Top of Foot (Bottom Half)

Massage Monday how to massage your foot


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