This week I’m going to do some self-reflexology. When you hear “Reflexology” you may think it’s all about the bottom of the foot with a chart representing the entire body, which is true and I have done some self-reflexology in the past so I’m going to include the link. But you can also do the reflexology on the top of the foot. This week I’m going to focus on the top half of the foot which represents the upper body.

Let’s start with the big toe. The inner corner of the big toe represents temple on the sides of your forehead. And the outer edge of the big toe represents sinus by the nose. You can squeeze this are between your thumb and the side of your index finger. Or you can cup it from underneath and just massage both sides of the big toe.

And on the big toe you can separate this area into three sections. The first area that’s closest to the big toenail is the upper jaw and the teeth. And the middle section is the lower jaw and the teeth. And the bottom section is the neck and throat. Some charts don’t do this but others show the other toes represents head and face, sinus, and neck. So you can massage your head and face, and sinus, and neck one by one. Or I like to massage all of them at the same time. Head, face, sinus, and neck. Head, face, sinus, and neck. Head, face, sinus, and neck. And head, face, sinus, and neck.

The bottom of the toes are the top of the shoulders. You can massage your top of the shoulder by walking your thumb. I’m holding the bottom of the foot to stabilize and moving my thumb by just using the first joint. It looks like a worm. So this is walking your thumb.

The area below the pinky. This is shoulder and arm. Massage your shoulder and arm by squeezing with the side of your index finger and the thumb. This area represents chest and breast and upper back between the shoulder blades. So you can massage your upper back, chest and breast area by massaging with straight fingers. When you do this rock your torso so you’re not just using your fingers. Or to be more specific you can use your thumbs. Follow your thumbs and trench the valley between the extension of toe bones called metatarsals.

Area below the big toe represents thymus gland. Thymus gland is very important for the immune system. So massage this area to strengthen the immune system. I hope this is helpful. I’ll cover the other half of the foot some other time.

2-2-15 Self Reflexology – Top of Foot

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