The registration is OPEN!

Thank you for all the comments and messages during the 6-part video series. I am happy to announce that the registration for the Japanese Anti-Aging Bundle is OPEN!

You can go to the registration page from link below.

Japanese Anti-Aging Bundle Registration

The cart is open for a limited time only and I have a limited spaces available. There are more details on the registration page but quickly…

In this bundle, I have Japanese Acupressure for Self-Care. I was very fortunate to partner with a Japanese Acupuncturist Fumihiko Ozaki who pretty much came up with the curriculum for the beginners using his extensive knowledge and experience of treating more than 90,000 patients. You will discover the wonders of Eastern Medicine and explore what could be the cause of your common health issues so you can care for it, rather than taking care of the symptoms  many of which I have shared on my channel.

I also have Couples Massage Course so you can de-stress at home with your partner giving each other a nice soothing massage and practice the Omoiyari Touch. It is a wonderful gift that keeps on giving and nice activity to add to your cheap date ideas. They are very useful skills to have especially now that many people are stuck at home or massage place is closed and some of you may have some stress. And did I hear that Valentine’s Day is coming soon?

I also have Self Face Massage. Ever since I turned 50, I’ve been learning and doing a lot on my face. So I’m sharing what I’ve been doing.

There are more details on the registration page from the link below.

Japanese Anti-Aging Bundle Registration

I did receive some questions about the bundle so I’ll answer here too.

Question: Is the bundle available forever?

My Answer: Yes as long as the internet exists and there will be someone running the website for me after I pass or become incapacitated. I plan to update and improve the site until I become incapacitated.

Another Question was what time do I hold the classes?

My answer is they are online courses so you can access it 247.

Again, the cart is open for a limited time. By the next Massage Monday the cart will be closed. I have a limited spots available so I may close the cart even earlier.

If it’s something you’re interested in, go to the registration page from the link below.

Japanese Anti-Aging Bundle Registration

Last but not least, thank you to those who already joined. I am super excited to have you.

Japanese Anti-Aging Bundle Registration

Massage Monday #531 Registration is OPEN


massage Monday Yasuko

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