Mother’s Day gift idea – How to massage a mother

Mother’s Day gift idea – How to massage a mother

Give a woman one hour massage and she will be happy for one hour or two. Learn how to massage her and she will be happy forever! This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Today I’ll show you some moves that you can give to your massage loving mother or wife as a thank you gift.

1) Knead neck
2) Palm glide shoulder – DO NOT do this if the receiver is pregnant!)
3) Thai Chop – you can also chop the shoulders and upper back but avoid the bones such as spine and shoulder blades.

I picked these moves because people carry lots of stress around the neck and shoulders area and frankly, I would love to have these done on myself. I hope the mothers will like them too.

Have a very happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 5-6-13: Mother’s Day Massage

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