How to massage your partner’s forehead

Happy New Year! I wish you lots of good massages from your favorite massage person this year.

I’m going to start the new year with how to massage your partner’s face, particularly forehead. These are very easy to do on yourself. I recommend doing these on yourself first before you practice on your partner.

Sit comfortably on the floor or bed. Have the receiver lay face up on a cushion or pillow between your legs.

1. Stretch – Lightly hold the receiver’s head and gently stretch the forehead from the center to the sides with your thumbs. Start from the hairline and work towards the eyebrows. You can also use two fingers or three fingers.
2. Circle – Make small circles on the forehead from the center to the sides. Again start from the hairline and work towards the eyebrows using your thumbs, two fingers or three fingers whichever feels natural to you.
3. Zigzag – Zigzag from one side to the other and come back.
4. Temples – Do the finishing stretch with gentle circles on temples.

Facial muscles are delicate. Do these moves gently and slowly.

We unconsciously use forehead muscles a lot for expressions especially when we are stressed out. It also shows unwanted sign of age. Massage the forehead to relax and rejuvenate to make it remember how it feels to be smooth and taut.

Happy Massaging!

1-6-14 How to massage your partner’s forehead

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