Massage on the beach in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Hola! I happen to be in Mexico and I’m going to get a massage on the beach which I have always wanted to try.

This is where I’m going to get my massage. It is breezy but I’m sure it helps the massage therapist because otherwise it’s in the 90s Fahrenheit or 30s Celsius.

I got lucky because my massage therapist was awesome. She works at three different spas and told me she likes this location the best because it’s in the nature and has good energy flow. Look at this table. I don’t care if the table is not hydraulic. I would love to give massage in this environment too.

There are many relaxation music with ocean waves but I say the natural ocean wave and ocean breeze is the best massage environment. Today’s Massage Monday was brought to you from the gorgeous beach in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. I wish I could do this every week.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 8-19-13: Massage on the beach in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

massage Monday massage on the beach cabo san lucas Mexico


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