Today I have my friend Mel again and I’m going to show you three good acupressure points for your shoulders. These will be good for relieving shoulder tension, stiff necks, and aching in the arms.

The first one is called SI 11 or Small Intestine 11. First locate the shoulder blade which is called Scapula. It’s right in the middle of this triangle shaped bone. If you are pressing the right spot you will feel the distinct sensation. You can press, press and hold, or circle the spot.

The second one is called LI 15 or Large Intestine 15. When you lift the receiver’s arm to the side you see a depression on the shoulder. That’s the spot. Again you can press or circle to stimulate the point.

The third one is called LI 14 or Large Intestine 14. It’s located where the Deltoids end on the upper outer arm. Mel has beautiful muscle tones so it’s very easy to find it. Again you will feel the distinct sensation when you’re on the right spot. As with the other points, you can press, press and hold, or circle to stimulate the point.

Happy Massaging!


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