This week I’ll show you a gentle way of massaging your partner’s lower back.

Have your partner lay on the floor face down and sit by the partner’s waist. You will massage the area between the last rib and the hip bone. This move is ideal for people who have narrow space between the rib and the hip bone or sensitive to pressure in this area.

Pull the partner’s waist with your hands. Start from the side and bring your hands to the spine one at a time. Since it’s a gliding move, use oil or lotion if you are doing this on a bare skin. If you do it over the clothes I find the area gets warm very quickly from the friction and adds to the soothing effect of this move.

If the partner wants more pressure you can curl you fingers and use your torso more to bring your hands. You can also slow down. When you slow down it generally feels deeper and more sincere.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 9-3-12: How to massage your partner’s lower back

Massage Monday How to massage your partner’s lower back


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