This week I’ll show you how to do one of the percussion techniques. Percussion techniques are used to bring the energy back and wake up the area. You see it more in sports massage and chair massage where people need to get grounded and get back to the activities. You see it less in relaxation massage where people want to stay relaxed and floating in the La La Land.
When you do the percussion stroke, cup your hands and tap the partner’s shoulder and back gently with alternating hands. Stay on the muscles and avoid the boney parts. Do it all over the back to gently wake up the area. Especially on a bare skin, do not use flat hands because that’s called slapping and it hurts.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 9-17-12: How to massage your partner’s back with percussion stroke – cupping

Massage Monday: How to massage your partner’s back with percussion stroke - cupping


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