This week I’ll show you how to massage the area with acupressure points for the lower back. These points will also help strengthen the male and female reproductive systems.

Straddle your partner laying face down on the floor. At the base of the spine there is a triangular shaped bone called sacrum. As you can see there are several acupressure points on this bone. Using your thumbs press all over the sacrum. Don’t worry about being very specific about the acupressure points. You are not trying to become an acupuncturist and by pressing all over the sacrum you will hit those points. To me it’s more important that your partner gets touched and massaged in this area.

Use hooked thumbs to increase the pressure and protect the base of your thumbs. Stay on the bone and don’t pass the tailbone for an obvious reason.
You can also come around and press from the other direction if straddling is not so appropriate or comfortable.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 9-10-12: Not so specific acupressure for lower back and reproductive systems

Massage Monday Not so specific acupressure for lower back and reproductive systems


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