This week I’ll show you a Thai Massage technique called Siam Slide to massage your partner’s hand.

Hold the partner’s hand so the palm is facing you. Start with the thumb and pinky, slide your thumbs from the base of the palm all the way up to the fingertips. Repeat on the index finger and ring finger. For the middle finger I like to pair it with the thumb rather than the pinky because I believe thumbs do a lot more work than pinkies and they deserve more massage.

I had the receiver open his hand for a demonstration purpose but in reality the receiver’s hand should be relaxed. It helps to put the receiver’s elbow on the arm rest if the receiver is sitting or on the floor if the receiver is lying on the floor.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 8-6-12: Siam Slide – how to massage your partner’s hand

Massage Monday Siam Slide how to massage your partner's hand


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