This week I’ll show you another way to massage your partner’s forearm.

Hold the partner’s arm and give a little shake to relax the arm. Draw imaginary lines between the wrist and the elbow and pick several locations on the lines. Grab the forearm with your thumb and the four fingers. Move your entire arm and hand, not just your fingers, to press and circle those spots.

To increase the pressure, hook your thumb. To extend the time draw more imaginary lines between the wrist and the elbow and pick more locations on them. Flip the arm and do the other side.

It’s always nice to try it on yourself first before you do it on someone else. When you massage with your thumbs keep the angle between the thumb and index finger the same and use the entire arm to create the movement, or hook your thumb to protect the base of the thumb because when you use the straight thumbs to do everything that’s how you can hurt the base of your thumbs very easily.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 7-30-12: How to massage your partner’s forearm part 2

Massage Monday How to massage your partner's forearm


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