Now that the summer is here there is more chance of getting sunburn. This week I’m going to talk about a remedy for sunburn which is also a queen of relaxation: lavender oil. Lavender oil is the most popular essential oil in the aromatherapy for relaxation. Besides relaxation of the mind lavender is also good for relaxing the muscles, pain relief, promoting good night sleep, and healing the minor burn and sunburn. So it’s a good bottle to keep around the house.

You can apply the lavender oil directly on the skin. When you get a minor burn or sunburn put the oil on the affected area as soon as possible. Put few drops in a cool bath for the sunburn. If you are mad at yourself for not putting the sunscreen on, you can calm your mind by inhaling the lavender oil by putting it in a diffuser like this. By the way do not take lavender oil orally. It’s toxic if you take it by mouth. As with anything overuse can cause allergic reactions. So use it in moderation.

According to my Aromatologist expert, because the lavender is so widely popular there are all kinds of lavender oil products out there that are diluted or mixed with chemicals. For the benefits that I’ve mentioned use 100% pure lavender essential oil made from Lavendula Angustifolia especially because a different type of lavender oil can make the burns worse.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 7-2-12: Lavender oil good and bad – remedy for burn and sunburn

Lavender oil good and bad – remedy for burn and sunburn relaxation pain relief good night sleep


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