I’m showing you the techniques that you can use to massage someone’s hands and apply them to massage someone’s feet. Last week I showed you how to sponge someone’s foot. This week I’m going to show you how to trench someone’s foot.

To trench someone’s foot, you slide the fingertip between the bones on the top of the foot. You go up and “trench” the valley formed by the extension of the toe bones. You can trench multiple times in one spot or go up and down. I usually trench the first half of the foot closer to the toes where the valleys are more distinct. Then I move on to trench the rest of the foot towards the ankle.

You can also start from the ankle and slide the finger towards the toes, make small circles in the valley, and slide out between the toes. Repeat this for all for places between the toes. Switch hands when necessary. Always use the hand that feels natural and normal to you.

Happy Massaging!


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