Last week I showed you how to massage your partner’s front of the knee. This week I’ll show you how to massage your partner’s back of the knee as I promised. But before I begin, I must tell you that the back of the knee is one of the endangerment sites for massage. Endangerment sites are the areas that should be avoided completely or use very special caution if you massage.

This is why. In the back of the knee there are major artery, vein, nerve AND lymph nodes close to the surface. These are all the things that you should not put pressure on. So when you massage the back of the knee make sure you do it very lightly.

Let’s warm up the area by doing the mini-breast stroke on the back of the knee. Very lightly of course. Then you can caress using your thumbs. You can also caress back and forth using your palms.

There is an acupressure point right in the middle of the crease when you bend the knee that is good for knee pain. Press it very gently. You will easily feel the pulse. Think of sending good energy rather than putting pressure to activate this point.

Again you knee connects your upper leg and lower leg. It’s very important and helpful for your knees to massage the upper leg muscles and lower leg muscles so they don’t become tight to pull on the knee to cause the knee pain.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 6-18-12: How to massage your partner’s back of the knee

Massage Monday How to massage your partner’s back of the knee


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