Today since there was a question I’ll show you how to massage your partner’s knees. This is for healthy knees. Knee area is very intricate. If there is a knee injury please see a specialist.

Have the partner lay on the floor. Put a towel under the knee so that the knee is slightly bent. First give a gentle warm up stroke over the knee. It’s like you are doing a mini-breast stroke on the knee. Then using the thumbs glide over the knee cap which is also known as patella.

Above the knee there are tendons from the thigh muscles. You can massage this area with your thumbs this way. There is also a tendon under the knee cap. You can massage it with your thumbs the same way. You do not need lot of pressure doing this.
Knees connect the muscles from the upper leg and lower leg. It’s very important and helpful for your knees to massage your upper leg and lower leg muscles.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 6-11-12: How to massage your partner’s knees – front

Massage Monday How to massage your partner’s knees – front


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