Now that you know you can use your knee to massage your partner this week I’ll show you a variation of the Bear Walk which I showed last year with your knees on your partner’s buttocks. Do not do this if your partner has any hip issues such as hip replacement and sciatica, or if you weigh way more than your partner.

Straddle your partner with your knees on your partner’s sit bones. You can keep your feet on the ground for more stability or put them on your partner’s legs. Press the muscles next to the spine with the base of your palms and go up and down. If your partner wants more pressure on the buttocks AND if you can balance well, you can bend your knees and lift up your feet so the knees are digging in more.
You can also move up and put your knees right in the middle of the buttocks. The knees are very hard massage tools. Start with the feet on the ground for a better weight control. As long as it doesn’t hurt your partner you can bend the knees for more pressure.

If the knees are too much for your partner’s buttocks, stick to straddling as I’ve shown in the past. You can click on the video link in the description below: Massage Monday 7-18-11: Bear Walk

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 4-9-12: Massage partner’s back with your knees on the butt

Massage Monday: Massage partner's back with your knees on the butt


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