Lately I’m having more and more dementia moments. I tried to open the front door with a car remote not just once but twice in the past week, I sometimes find myself putting away pots and pans in the refrigerator, etc. At least I catch myself before I actually do it. Acupressure is beneficial for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients but in a way that it calms them down when they have agitation or aggression. Since I don’t have an issue with agitation or aggression (or so I think) I selected three acupressure points to improve memory, concentration, and alertness.

Top of the head (GV 20) – Draw an imaginary line from the back of the ears to the top of the head. There is a slight hollow just behind the top of the head. If you are not sure exactly where it is, I suggest pressing the top of the head with three or four fingers along the center line of the skull.

Temple (EX 2) – This is the area that pops out when you clinch your teeth like chewing a gum.

Base of skull/next to spine (GB 20) – Two hollow spaces at the base of the skull next to the spine.

In order to improve the brain function such as memory, concentration, and alertness it’s very important to have a good blood flow to the brain. The tight neck and shoulders may limit the circulation to the brain. Make sure you loosen your neck and shoulders. Good luck improving your memory.

If you have a good dementia moment please share it with me.

Happy Massaging!


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  1. Anything that improves oxygen uptake and blood flow to the brain is beneficial to memory improvement. Massage is a fantastic and highly recommended way to enhance circulation. Add some improve memory foods to your diet such as eggs, nuts, salmon, and green vegetables, and you have a great healthy start to memory improvement and overall health.

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