Massage isn’t just done by hands. There are lot of massage tools that you are born with. This week I’ll show you a very hard massage tools called – the knees.

Sit next to the receiver lying face down. Cover the back of the knee with your hand before you start to avoid pressing it because the back of the knee is very sensitive and you do not want to press especially with your knees.

Using both knees press the receiver’s hamstrings between the knee and the buttocks. You can also use one knee. As I mentioned the knees are very hard so start lightly and check with the receiver if the pressure is ok. Use your body weight if the receiver wants more pressure.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 3-26-12: How to massage partner's hamstring with your knees

Massage Monday 3-26-12: How to massage partner’s hamstring with your knees


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