When you massage your partner there are certain areas that you should not touch.

1. Eyeballs – You cannot massage the eyeballs even over the eyelids. You can press the eye sockets but not the eyeballs.

2. Behind the ears – there is a soft spot right behind the earlobe. It is an acupressure point but it’s very sensitive. Please don’t touch this area on your partner.

3. Anywhere in front of the neck above the collarbone. As you can see there are lot of veins, arteries, and nerves in the neck area. Especially windpipe or trachea because when you’re touching this area on your partner you might be choking your partner. I had a person who massaged my neck with the other hand on my throat and that was very uncomfortable. Please don’t do that.

Unless you are a trained professional and know what you’re doing, please avoid these areas and stick to self massage on these areas. Remember, safety first, pleasure second.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 3-12-12: Areas to avoid in Couples Massage – do not massage these areas http://youtu.be/g-8HtszNEec

Areas to avoid in Couples Massage - do not massage these areas


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