Today I’m going to show you how to massage your own thighs, specifically the top of the thighs or quadriceps also known as quads.

1. With the base of your palm, warm up the thigh with frictions. Keep your wrist loose and rub the thigh towards the knee.

2. Next, press glide with the base of your palm. Lean in and use your body weight for more pressure. If you want more pressure, use two hands by putting the other hand on the top, or use your forearm.

3. Then press with thumbs. Instead of moving the straight thumbs, press using your body weight. I’m moving over the muscles as far as I can go with my thumbs on the same spot on the skin. If you don’t have long fingernails you can hook your thumbs for more stability, depth, and power.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 12-10-12: How to How to massage your thighs (quadriceps)

Massage Monday How to How to massage your thighs (quadriceps)


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