This week I’m focusing on the middle of the foot which represents the upper abdomen.

Right under the diaphragm is the liver area. Just like the diaphragm the liver goes all the way to the side. All the organs in your body is important but the liver is super important because it has more than 500 functions. Give lots of thanks and send good energy to your liver.

Under the liver is the stomach especially on the left foot. Like the heart the stomach is located on the left side of your body so some reflexology charts don’t show stomach on the right foot. Glide your thumbs downward to promote healthy digestion. You can also double up on your thumbs and glide down in the direction of the food.

Below the liver is pancreas. Pancreas is an important organ because it produces hormones and enzymes for digestion and regulates the blood sugar level. Thank you pancreas.

Right in the middle of the foot is kidney. Kidney removes the waste from the blood and regulates fluid levels in your body. Very important for detox process. Let’s make the kidney happy.

Next week I’m focusing on the bottom of the foot and the inside edge of the foot.

Happy Massaging!

reflexology for upper abdomen


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