Nowadays we spend so much time looking at computer monitor, tablet, mobile device, reading, Facebooking, Tweeting, texting, browsing, and watching videos like Massage Monday. Let’s give some love to your tired eyes today.

Using the fingertips gently massage on the eye socket starting from the bridge of the nose and outward on the eyebrow bone just under the eyebrow, then come back on the lower eye socket. Do this 10 times or until you feel enough. You can also press on the eye socket instead of gliding.

Let’s do some acupressure points.

B 2 – On the inner eye socket, where the bridge of the nose and the ridge of the eyebrows meet.

GV24.5 – Third eye point between eyebrows.

ST 3 – On the cheek bone under the pupils of your eyes.

Press these acupressure points in any combination for one minute as you breathe deeply.

Massaging your neck also helps the eyestrain as well as the neck pain that comes from the computer use. It loosens the tight neck muscles and allows the blood flow up to the head. You can watch the neck massage video here:

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 11-26-12: Massage and acupressure for tired eyes
Massage Monday Massage and acupressure for tired eyes


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