When you go to Asian massage places when they work on your hands they pop your fingers. Sometimes it makes a big noise. This week I’ll show you how you do it.

Make a fist. Put a finger between the index and middle finger and pull it. It took me a while to get the popping noise. I had to practice. What I’m doing is I am sandwiching the top and bottom of the finger with the area between the first and second joint of the index and middle finger.

This popping noise is not coming from the finger being pulled. It’s coming from the two fingers coming together just like you snap your fingers. I know some people don’t like this done to their fingers. If you don’t like it, tell your massage therapist not to do it. Hopefully they understand your English. Good luck.

Happy Massaging!

How to massage your finger Asian style – Massage Monday 1-28-13 http://youtu.be/EPwT5yXpIts
How to massage your finger Asian style Massage Monday finger snap


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