What’s in my massage goodie bag?

What’s in my massage goodie bag?

Today I’m going to show you what’s in my essential goodie bag that I carry around for my massage practice.

First one is Altoids. Nobody wants to get a massage by a massage therapist with bad breath. On the same note, gum for fresh breath. Set of rubber bands for my hair. You should never touch client with your hair so I always put it up. A charger for my iPhone with retractable cable and socket, $1.50 each at Daiso. Lately I’ve been using Pandora’s George Winston channel as the music for my massage. Often my iPhone’s battery is really low so the charger is very important. Daiso is a Japanese chain of 100 yen store. It’s $1.50 in the US. Almost everything you see in the store is $1.50. It’s a fun store. You may want to check it out if there’s one in your area. http://www.daiso-sangyo.co.jp/english/stores/overseas.html
$1.50 nail clipper from Daiso. I like the one with a cover so the nails don’t fly all over the place as you clip your nails. A cuticle nipper to cut the hard skin so I don’t scratch my clients with hard skin sticking out of my fingers. A mirror so I can look decent although people cannot see me when they are facing down on the massage table. Cough drops that my friend gave me. I’ve had a dry cough attack once in my career. It helped me save my life.

A set of business cards of Dr. Goerig. He’s a dermatologist in Dana Point, CA. I recently lost my long time friend to a cancer. It all started with a skin cancer on her back which eventually spread to other parts of her body. As a massage therapist I look at people’s bare back all the time. I wanted to educate myself and be able to tell which kind of mole is safe and which is questionable. Massage Therapists are not trained and we’re not supposed to diagnose by law. If I see something questionable I can send clients to a specialist like Dr. Goerig. Another set of business cards of my chiropractor Dr. Ron Schmeltzer in Mission Viejo, CA. I’ve been fortunate, privileged and honored to be able to trade with him. I massage him once a week for one hour and he adjusts me twice a week. Without that I don’t know how I can survive this manual labor intensive career. I’m very grateful that I get to work with him. He’s also a soft tissue injury specialist. Whenever I hurt myself in tennis, shoulder, or knee, he can fix anything so I’m very grateful. I carry his cards for my clients who may need chiropractic care or has soft tissue injury.

Credit card processor. I use PayPal and Square. I use both for different purposes. They both fit nicely in Green Tea Mint tin can from Trader Joe’s. Lastly my cheat sheet for Reflexology. Feet on one side and hands on the other side. These are what’s inside of my essential massage goodie bag for my massage practice.

Happy Massaging!

1-20-14 What’s in my massage goodie bag? http://bit.ly/mm-012014

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