How to massage calf muscles using Swedish massage techniques

Today I’m going to show you how to massage your partner’s calf muscles using Swedish massage techniques.

Swedish massage uses long flowing strokes. Start with applying a product to lubricate the surface.
Open your hand with a thumb and closed fingers. Glide from the ankle to the knee using the surface of the entire palm. Follow your hand with your torso.

Draw imaginary lines from the ankle to the back of the knee. I’m drawing three lines here. One on the center and one on each side. Follow the line with your thumbs next to each other. You can also follow the line by alternating your thumbs. Instead of moving the thumbs, keep the V-shape between the thumb and index finger and move your arm from the shoulder to move the thumbs.

In general it feels deeper if you go slower. To increase more pressure put the thumbs on top of each other, lean in to use your body weight, and glide.

Happy Massaging!

1-27-14 How to massage calf – Swedish massage techniques

massage monday swedish massage techniques


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