Thai Massage is known as lazy man’s yoga because the giver does all the stretching for you. This week I’m going to show you one of the Thai Massage moves to stretch your partner’s quadriceps or quads or front of the thighs and ankles.

Have the partner lie on the floor face down with the legs slightly more than hip distance apart. Pick up the feet and gently press them towards the hip several times as you rock your body. Do not do this if the partner has a knee injury or if this causes any kind of pain.

Cross the toes over the other toes and press them towards the hip several times. Switch and cross the toes the other way and repeat. As you can see this stretches the ankles too.

If the partner wants it easier or less stretch, spread the partner’s knees wider. If the partner wants more challenge or more stretch, bring the partner’s knees closer.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 4-1-13: How to stretch your partner’s thighs (quadriceps) Thai Massage style

massage monday how to stretch partner's quads quadriceps thighs


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