People love to receive a massage but not to give a massage. The number one complaint in giving a massage is hurting your fingers. I don’t know at what point in your life you learn about massage but by default, lot of people think massage is done by circling straight thumbs. And this will hurt the base of your thumbs in no time. One of my lifetime missions is to end this a massage with circling straight thumbs to massage everything especially if you don’t have thumbs of steel. I want people to know a better way to massage by default so they don’t stay away from massage. This week I’m going back to the basics and I will show you how to save your thumbs when you give a massage.

When you are massaging somewhere that’s arm’s length away, keep the line from the shoulder to the hand straight by keeping your elbow and wrist straight. Keep your armpits closed and move the entire body to move your thumbs.

Massage Monday #540 How to Save Your Thumbs during Massage


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