This week I will show you how to release the hamstrings and calf muscles at the same time.

Have a long towel and make a knot.

If you have an injury or sharp pain on your knee, or if you have varicose veins or blood clot, don’t do this.

Place the knot behind the knee and slowly sit on the floor Japanese style. Place your hand in the front to adjust the pressure.

If it doesn’t hurt, gradually put your weight on the knot which is now pressing both hamstrings and calf muscles close to the knee. Slowly move your hip from side to side.

If you can put more weight, sit up, press your thigh with your hands with your weight and move from side to side more.

Make the knot bigger and place it on the middle of the hamstrings and calf muscles and repeat. If you can put more pressure to move from side to side, you will feel the knot going over the muscle bundles especially around the calf muscles.

Move the knot by the sit bone and Achilles and repeat. I just demonstrated on three locations but you can divide into more sections.

Repeat on the other leg.

Massage Monday #526 How to Release Hamstrings and Calf Muscles


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