How to Prevent Neck Pain

How to prevent neck pain

When you have a neck pain, neck massage is awesome. But what if you can prevent your neck pain?
This week I’m going to share a really neat technique that I just learned to prevent the neck pain.

So one of the major causes of neck pain is a bad posture. Did you know that when you push your head forward by 1 inch, it adds 10 extra pounds on your skinny neck? That’s a lot of weight because your head is already heavy. In order to keep your head up straight and not moving forward, this is what you do.

You push your tongue against the back of the upper teeth and part of the upper jaw. And as you do this, you will notice the front neck muscles get slightly tight. While these muscles are tightened, it’s very hard to push your head forward. You can try this with and without pushing your tongue against the upper roof of your mouth and back of your teeth.

I think this technique works because I just drove from California to Arizona and I drove for 5 ½ hours straight. My neck is tired but it’s not unnecessarily painful like I usually experience in my long drive.
So try this technique if you have a tendency to have a neck pain by pushing your head forward. I hope you find this fascinating as much as I do.

Happy Massaging!

10-13-14 How To Prevent Neck Pain
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