How to massage your leg with a rolling pin

Today I had four one-hour massages back to back to back to back. I’m going to show you how I massage my poor tired legs with my latest favorite massage tool: a rolling pin.

Let’s start with the shin muscles. Roll up and down next to the shin bone. You can do this sitting on the floor or sitting on a chair. Move to the side and move onto the calf muscles all the way to the Achilles tendon. For the inner calf muscles I like to put my foot on the other leg and go side to side. While I’m here I might as well massage the arch of my foot.

Move up to the inner thigh. Then move onto the front thigh – quadriceps or quads. For the IT band I put my foot up on the chair or sit at the edge of the chair and turn my foot so the outer side of the thigh is easier to access. Don’t forget to massage the area between the big thigh bone and the hip bone especially if you have lower back issues. They are often neglected and it feels good to massage. The move onto the hamstrings. Lastly the hamstrings – the back of the thigh. You can roll up and down using your body weight and pull the rolling pin.

Happy Massaging!

7-8-13: How to massage your leg with a rolling pin

How to massage your leg with rolling pin Massage Monday


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