This week I’m going to show a Reverse Bear Walk. Or simply the Bear Walk done from the other end.

Sit by the receiver’s head. Start pressing the shoulders and upper back between the spine and the shoulder blades with the base of your palms one side at a time. Walk down the receiver’s back as you press the muscles next to the spine. Never press on the spine. When you reach the receiver’s lower back, you can press the hip bone away on several locations. Walk back by pressing the muscles next to the spine. Use your body weight rather than hand strength.

If the receiver’s body is small, use the pinky side of your hands to press around the shoulder blades. If the receiver’s body is much bigger than you as in this case, instead of reaching over from one position, work on the area that you can reach comfortably, then reposition yourself to work on a different area.

It feels really good when the shoulders are pressed towards the hip. To press the receiver’s shoulders effectively, lower yourself to the ground and lean in with straight arms. Relax the hands and try to keep your wrists as straight as possible as you press with the base of your palms.

Happy Massaging!

how to massage back couples massageMassage Monday 4-22-13: How to massage back – Reverse Bear Walk


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