This week I am going to show you a technique that I use to get rid of my anger or any negative feelings. Luckily I don’t get angry that often but since I learned this technique 6 years ago it has saved my life several times when I was furious about something. Now I can’t even remember what I was furious about.

This technique is called Natural Bio-Destressing or NBD. It also says modified EFT process. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. The instruction is on and full credit to Dr. Judith Swack. I’ll include the link below.


I’m going to go over the technique step by step as it’s written on this instruction sheet.

Step A: Concentrate on a specific feeling and notice its location in your body. On a scale of 1-10+, rate how severe is the feeling. I would write the feeling and rating on a sheet of paper for a reference later. I’m going to use “anger” and level 9 for this example but it can be any negative feelings you have. And feel where the anger is stored in your body. For me, I usually feel the uneasy feeling in my chest or solar plexus area.

Step B: Karate Chop Point #15 is on the side of the hand below pinky. While you tap the Karate Chop Point against the other hand, say three times “I totally and completely accept myself even though I have this anger. I totally and completely accept myself even though I have this anger. I totally and completely accept myself even though I have this anger.”

Step C: Stimulate nerve endings 1-15 with fingertips for a few seconds. If you feel a lot of energy moving, or the scene is changing, stay on that point till the activity plateaus. If nothing happens on a specific point, move to the next one. Use your intuition about how long to stay on a point.

The latest instruction simply says tap the entire eye socket for points 1-4 but to be more specific the first point is the bridge of the nose by the eyebrow. The second point is outside edge of the eyebrow. The third point is the side of the eye. The fourth point is under the eye.

The fifth point is under the nose. The sixth point is under the mouth. The seventh point is under the collarbone. The eighth point is the sore spot on chest. Just rub gently on this point. The ninth point is the ouchy spot under the arm on the rib. The tenth point is bottom rib below the nipple.

The eleventh point is the side of the thumb. The twelfth point is the side of index finger. The thirteenth point is the side of the middle finger. The fourteenth point is the side of the little finger. The fifteenth point is karate chop spot.

Step D: Do the 9 Gamut. The Gamut Point is on the back of the hand between the pinky and ring finger bones. Tap the Gamut Point #16 on back of hand through the following steps:

1. Close eyes
2. Open eyes
3. Look down to one side
4. Look down to the other side
5. Roll eyes around in a circle in one direction
6. Roll eyes around in the other direction
7. Hum a tune. The easy one is happy birthday song (Who cares if it’s out of tune!)
8. Count to 40 by 2’s. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40
9. Hum a tune

Step E: Repeat Step C. Tap around the eye socket. Under nose. Under mouth. Under the collarbone. Rub the sore spot on chest. Ouchy spot under the arm on the rib. Bottom rib below the nipple. The side of thumb. The side of the index finger. The side of the middle finger. The side of the little finger. Karate chop.

Step F: After every round, recheck how severe is the feeling. It should be gone altogether or very low on the scale. This is so true because usually my anger level is down to 1 if not 0. It’s truly amazing.

Think about what you learned and what feels or seems different about the situation. If the level of that emotion still seems high, notice what else about the situation makes you feel frightened, angry, sad, etc. Focus on that subject and repeat the process.

Any negative feeling is a valid emotion but I believe carrying it with you all the time is detrimental to your health. I also believe that if you can better control your negative feeling it will help you to be healthier physically and deal with the problem in a more civil way for a healthier relationship.

I hope this is helpful for you as much as it is helpful for me.

Massage Monday #363 – How To Get Rid of Anger (Or Any Negative Feelings)


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  1. Thank you for sharing these techniques Yasuko. They look very helpful.

    I have a general question. The background music that you use for your videos is very relaxing. Can you share what it is please? Thanks in advance 😊

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