This week I am going to draw a winner for this foot massager but first thank you so much for entering with your comments and kind words! I got to see what you are interested in seeing and that was so helpful.

Some things are easier than the other so I can’t promise I will cover everything but if I don’t cover, please don’t take it personal. I am going to reply to each comment with links if I’ve already covered the topic but I will be traveling soon so it may take some time.

There were 78 entries total including the comments from my website. Way less than before because I asked you a favor this time maybe. As before, I entered your name one by one into the spreadsheet and I have cut up papers with numbers. So here’s the winner. Drum roll please. The winner is 45. And 45 is Debra45365.

Congratulations Debra45365! I will be sending this foot massager to you wherever you are on this planet. I will be in touch to arrange the shipment so please get back to me as soon as possible.

I will do another drawing when my channel hits 130,000 subscribers.

Next week, I will be using the scheduler feature on YouTube for the first time because I will be traveling with no internet access. Hopefully my video gets published as scheduled.

Massage Monday #471 Foot Massager Giveaway Winner #3


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