Last week, my YouTube channel hit 125,000 subscribers! Thank you so so much!! As I promised it is time for another Foot Massager Giveaway.

This time I’m giving away this one in nice powder blue.

Daiso Foot Massager

It comes with bumps big and small waiting to stimulate all over your feet as you step on them with different parts of your feet with all your weight if you can.

Daiso Foot Massager

Chances are, you will find painful or very painful part on your feet and you cannot put all your weight which means you have a tight spot or a trigger point that can cause pain locally or remotely or you hit the reflex of a corresponding organ as in Reflexology or simply you may have a foot injury. If you have a foot injury, don’t use this.

But in general, this will help alleviate your tired feet and stimulate the entire body again using the Reflexology concept.

To enter for the drawing this time, please mention the topics you want to see covered in the comments below. In the past 9 years, off the top of my head I have done self massage, partner massage or couples massage, acupressure points, reflexology, destination massage, cannabis massage, anti-aging, natural remedies, spa or bath recipes and some others.

It could be a completely new topic or old topic or old and new. Single topic or multiple topics are welcome. But just so you know what I will NOT do is something sexual in nature because that’s not allowed on YouTube and something to “cure” disease or medical conditions because I am not a medical professional and I cannot do that.

If you leave a comment with a topic or topics besides the ones that I said I wouldn’t do, I will manually enter you into a drawing and I will draw a winner next week. A comment without a topic will not be entered. As always, I will ship this $1.50 Foot Massager from Daiso to a winner anywhere in the world. I did pay $20 something dollars each time to ship this to the past winners.

The entry will close at 12 noon this Sunday, November 3rd Pacific Standard Time (PST). Daylight Savings starts that day in the US so you have one more hour than usual to enter.

Thanks for watching. Make it a great week. Please don’t forget to subscribe and start commenting with topics now. Good luck!

Massage Monday #470 Foot Massager Giveaway #3


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  1. Yasuko, I love the peaceful way you present on taking care of our bodies I use several of your methods helps me to stay focusced. I would love to win your foot massager.

    Thank you

  2. I like your peaceful introduction on your massage methods. Destination massage sounds interesting,anti-aging definitely, I use one of your methods now. I would love one of your foot massagers.

    Thank you,

  3. Hi I would love to know what spots on my hands and feet that I can press that will help alleviate a headache or stomach ache/indigestion? Or any other useful points that I can do myself to provide relief of symptoms to common ailments. Thank you!

  4. Am 1st timer, wacth your foot reflexology & is very helpful & educating, but you did the half Part of it, pls try and complete the remaining half, ( foot reflexology) also massage for anti ageing, looking forward to your reply, tx & God.

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