Long time ago I did a video on this Japanese foot massager which is a piece of plastic with lot of bumps and you step on it. I still use this almost every day when I brush my teeth because I brush my teeth almost every day. I’m just kidding. I brush my teeth every day.

Recently, I was doing some spring cleaning and I found even a bigger one. I don’t remember using this maybe once or twice when I bought this. But I don’t even remember when or where I got this. But it says Daiso in the back so it must have been 100 yen if I got this in Japan or $1.50 if I got this in the States.

This week I’m going to give this away to a lucky viewer. You can watch my old video on how to use this and I’ll put the link here but basically you step on it and your feet will feel great.

So if you want this, please leave a comment below that you want this.

And if there is more than one person who wants this, I will do a random drawing. I will leave the entry open until noon on Sunday, May 26th California time which is the Pacific Standard Time (PST).

For a lucky winner, I will ship this to anywhere in the world even in the South Pole. I will figure out a way. I’m sure the shipping cost will be way more than the cost of this product but I will do it. And if nobody wants it, I will just donate it.

Massage Monday #447 Foot Massager Giveaway http://bit.ly/mm-447


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  1. Hi,

    I want this. Right now I am in Tokyo at Keikyu Hotel. Can it be delivered here at room 1039.


    Iliana Maiesia

  2. Hello my name is Karen I have only just found you I have subscribed my health is not great so was thrilled to see all your videos I can view. I would love the foot massager as I think it would be beneficial for me many thanks xx

  3. I would love to use this. I haven’t seen it before. I love watching your videos and learning to better care for myself. Very helpful, thank you.

  4. This is confusing . It says click the button below to get your feet massager. Excuse me, it’snot working. So I’ll just fill out the boxes below of this & I hope I’ll get your giveaways too.

    Waiting in haste,

  5. I would love this. Having been certified innassage therapy years ago I love your videos and love reflexology as it is one of my fav!!!!

  6. My 91 year old mother used to have one of these and it was misplaced during her move to live with me in November 2010. She is from Osaka Japan.

  7. Your UTube videos are very useful and I have been finding it very useful for back pain, neck pain, acidity, vertigo, thyroid message, etc.

    Your video on foot message is also equally good.

    Great service to humanity.

    Thank you, God Bless you.

  8. Aloha! The foot massager would be a great therapy, like walking on smooth stones to stimulate the different body zones.
    Mahalo for the give away!

  9. I really enjoy your helpful videos, and this one about the foot massager was interesting. I like the way you can keep the massager under your bathroom sink, so it’s always handy to use. Please enter me into the drawing!

  10. Yasuko, you are always so kind and thoughtful. I’ve been a subscriber for many years. I have learned so much from you and as long as you post I know I will learn so much more. This foot massager is new to me. I would love to try this. With fibromyalgia, my feet drive me crazy at night and my sleep is interrupted a lot. Please enter me in this giveaway. Onegai shimasu.

  11. Hi there, you are the best and I like your Youtube-channel. I ran a lot and it would be really nice with massage after. Best regards

  12. Thank you Yasuko for your helpful messages and for generously offering this massager.



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