My YouTube channel has reached 150K subscribers as of last week. Thank you so much for watching my videos and subscribing! I think it’s so cool that my videos are watched around the world and it’s actually helping someone in different countries. I love it when people say the country they’re watching from because eventually I want to travel around the world. I am very touched by the generous comments that you take your precious time to write and they definitely give me a motivation to keep me going. So thank you so much.

For this giveaway, I have the usual $1.50 Daiso foot massager in powder blue. To enter for this giveaway, please comment below the body part that you wish you knew how to massage better or the body part that you wish your partner knew how to massage you better.

For example, it can be something like Neck – self if you want to know how to massage your neck better. Or Neck – partner if you want your partner to massage your neck better. Or Neck – self & partner if you want both. You are welcome to list multiple body parts like Head and neck – self or Hand and foot – partner. Or even entire body – by partner.

I will enter the comment that has both 1) a body part or body parts and 2) self and/or partner mentioned into a drawing by assigning a number. Then next week I will randomly draw a winner by pulling a number manually. I will send this to anywhere in the world that has postal service even if it costs 50 times more than the cost of this foot massager to send it.

The entry closes at noon Sunday, Mother’s Day, May 9th Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).
Follow the rules if you want to be entered for this drawing.

Good luck!

Massage Monday #549 Foot Massager Giveaway #8


foot massage with tools

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  1. Hello, I have sciatic pain that comes and goes. It gets worse as the day goes on, and by the evening, it is painful to stand. I would like to know if there is massage to help with this.
    I am doing stretching exercises for my "piriform" muscle, which has helped.
    Thank you

  2. My husband has a concussion. Are there any massages or pressure points for relief of a concussion? He has episodes of loss of balance and nausea

  3. Self- hands and feet, Partner- lower back. Thank you for doing the giveaway. I would like to know more about how to massage my hands and feet because I'm having more arthritis pain in the joints of my hands these days, and my feet can be sore by the end of the day. I would also like to know how to massage my husband for healing when he strains his lower back. Thank you for your wonderful videos.

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