Father’s Day Massage

I was going to do something else but they are cutting trees outside all day and it’s very hard to talk over the chainsaws and leaf blowers with my soft voice. It’s a little early but I’ll show you the massage moves for the upcoming Father’s Day for the fathers out there. Just like I did for the Mother’s Day I’m targeting the neck and shoulders where people carry lots of stress but these moves will give more pressure and strength.

1) Palm Glide shoulders (receiver on the floor) – DO NOT do this if the receiver is pregnant!
2) Crack the nut – neck
3) Forearm roll – DO NOT do this if the receiver is pregnant!

Of course you can do these to the mothers and what I did for Mother’s Day to the fathers http://youtu.be/cNSHIOd9JIo . In fact, I bet they will be very happy when you do all of them.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 6-3-13: Father’s Day Massage http://youtu.be/IiIaCBy8L_w

Father's Day Massage Monday


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