Digital business card

I massage people these days but I used to be a computer engineer in my previous life. I’m talking about this life time, not the past lives that my spirit has gone through. I have a nice degree in Information and Computer Science from University of California, Irvine. (Zot zot! our mascot Anteater says.) For 13 years I caught and troubleshooted software bugs before the programs were released to the public. I get a kick out of my career change from total inhuman (computer) to human (massage).

Despite my techy background, I’m finally jumping on the smart phone/social media bandwagon and came across something cool. It’s a free digital business card service called If you want to go green or you don’t have business cards with you, you can send this digital business card from your cell phone or ask the person to text your name to 50500. For example, text yasko to 50500 and see what you get. (Usual text messaging charges apply if you don’t have unlimited texting.)

Let me know what you think!