ComforTrac Cervical Traction (Massage Monday #441)

This week I’m going to show you my new routine that’s absolutely helping my neck. If you didn’t know I have a chronic neck pain. Even before I became a massage therapist, I’ve always had a neck pain. I think it started when I was a computer engineer in my previous previous life. My neck gets tense very easily. Even when I’m driving, my neck is often tense.

And being a massage therapist, the first few years especially, I didn’t really care about my body mechanics, so I was always like looking down and that didn’t really help.

I go to a chiropractor every week. And I’m very fortunate that I get to trade my service with chiropractic adjustments. Without that I don’t think I have survived this long for over ten years as a massage therapist.

About two months ago, my neck got so tight that it wouldn’t move. It wouldn’t budge. So my chiropractor suggested that I use a cervical traction device. I started using this about a month ago.

It’s called ComforTrac.

This is a gauge for air pressure. The air hose is attached to the device with a base and a head rest that moves. You can adjust the height high or low.

You lie on your back and put your head on this soft cushion which you can adjust the width, and pump the air to move the head rest to stretch your neck.

This is how it looks. Open the Velcro. Put the occipital ridge which is the base of the skull on the pointy parts of the rest. Tightly secure with Velcro on the forehead. Then pump. I was told to pump to 3200. I had never seen myself in this device and boy my neck looks stretched. I was told to do this for 10 minutes in the morning and at night. I usually have no time in the morning so I usually do it at night. I either watch TV or set the alarm and rest.

Press the silver button to finish the stretch. And put it away.

Soon after I started using, my neck loosened up. And he was able to adjust my neck correctly. I was very happy and my neck was very happy too. I loved it so much that I went ahead and purchased from him.

Sometime ago, I showed you my other neck traction device which is like the stacked up donuts and you fill the air. This was good but it was blocking the circulation to my head so my face was getting red and my cheeks were bunched up and I looked like a chipmunk.

So I like this new device way better. Of course it costs 10 times more than this one.

I’m following my chiropractor’s instructions on what angle and how much pressure to use. And I have no clue how to set it for yourself. So if you have any questions about which settings to use, please ask your chiropractor or whoever can help you.

Comfort Trac Cervical Traction

Massage Monday #441 ComforTrac Cervical Traction–441