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Unique Christmas Cards Ideas

Unique Christmas Cards Ideas ‘Tis the season for holiday cards. This week I’m going to show you what I put in the holiday cards for my massage clients. So I started doing this several years ago and I first started with my couples massage clients who have taken my couples massage class. For them I […]

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Bad Massage Environment

Bad Massage Environment Today I’m filming this in my weekend massage office where I massage my private clients and also teach couples massage class. Today is Saturday and usually it’s very quiet because other businesses are closed and I enjoy giving massage and teaching class. But today, for the first time, there is a major […]

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Keep continuous touch during massage

Keep continuous touch I like going to seminars and I’ve gone to quite a few of them in my life. One of them was called Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women by PAX. It’s a seminar for women to understand the difference between men and women. You learn how men operate which is very different from how […]

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Difference between Massage Therapist and Masseuse

Difference between Massage Therapist and Masseuse Today’s Massage Monday is on English terminology on a difference between massage therapist and masseuse. Every time people refer me as masseuse I correct them by saying “I prefer to be called massage therapist.” Here’s why. I found a perfect explanation on and I have a link below […]

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