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How Much To Tip A Massage Therapist?

Massage Monday How much to tip massage therapist

This week I will talk about how much to tip a massage therapist from a massage therapist point of view and from a consumer point of view. In the United States tipping is customary for personal services like haircut, waiting a table, driving, and massage. Customary means it’s been practiced over time. It’s not required […]

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4 Signs You May Be At A Wrong Massage Place

massage monday 4 signs you may be at a wrong massage place

I’ve been to quite a few massage places. One time I accidentally walked into a wrong kind of massage place. I was talking to my client and my client also told me about her experience when she accidentally walked into a wrong massage place. This week I’ll share four signs that you may be at […]

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My Aroma Spray to Cool Down

massage monday aroma spray to cool down

It has been pretty hot in sunny Southern California and I’ve been playing with the aroma spray to cool down. I knew the peppermint oil has the cooling effect. According to my aroma expert friend it doesn’t actually lower the temperature but it gives your brain the sensation of coolness on your skin. So I […]

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