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Sexual Assault During Massage

Massage Monday BuzzFeed Sexual Assaults at Massage Envy

I read an article on BuzzFeed that just came out yesterday. It’s titled “More than 180 Women Have Reported Sexual Assaults at Massage Envy” and I’ve been horrified of what have been done to these innocent victims during massage sessions. It starts off with a story of a woman who was sexually assaulted by a […]

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Massage Therapist Pet Peeve

Massage Monday massage therapist pet peeves

This week I’m going to share one of my pet peeves about massage therapists when I’m receiving a massage and what I do about it when I’m giving a massage just in case it bothers my clients too. So what bugs me during massage is the heavy breathing of the massage therapist. I know I’m […]

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EveryBody Deserves A Massage Week

EveryBody Deserves A Massage Week Massage Monday

This week (7/16/17-7/22/17) is EveryBody Deserves A Massage Week. You probably didn’t know that. Now you know. And if you did know that, I’m very impressed. It’s an annual event hosted by ABMP since 1995. ABMP stands for Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. If you haven’t had a massage for a while it is a […]

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How Much To Tip A Massage Therapist?

Massage Monday How much to tip massage therapist

This week I will talk about how much to tip a massage therapist from a massage therapist point of view and from a consumer point of view. In the United States tipping is customary for personal services like haircut, waiting a table, driving, and massage. Customary means it’s been practiced over time. It’s not required […]

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