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How to find your massage therapist

There are many massage therapists to choose from. According to Department of Labor Statistics, “Massage therapists held about 122,400 jobs in 2008.” This does not include independent therapists who work for themselves. It is great that we have so many because there is no way one therapist can make everyone happy. Because massage is very […]

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Got Psychic?

Growing up in Japan, I used to hear that if you didn’t experience any paranormal activities by age 20, you would not experience it the rest of your life. I am learning that this statement may not be true. Last year, I took an energy healing session by one of the massage teachers at my […]

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Free Hugs Campaign

Have you heard of the Free Hugs Campaign? If not, here it is. [youtube=] It’s so beautiful to see men, women, young, old, different color… all coming up for a hug. Humanity has a hope! Read the story here: Free hugs anyone?

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Law Of Attraction – Gift from Arizona

Do you believe in Law Of Attraction? I totally do. Yesterday, I was calculating how much money is needed for my upcoming trip to Sedona, Arizona – the healing capital of the world. I kept thinking “How can I make some money for this trip??” Then the phone rang. It was from a lady vacationing […]

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What do you want your massage therapist to do or not to do when you receive massage? Few months ago I had a horrifying experience when I went to one of those Asian foot massage places. This one used to be very good but apparently the owner changed and the name was different. In addition […]

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