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GB 21 – Acupressure point for shoulder and inducing labor

GB 21 is one of several acupressure points that induce labor. (If you want quicker result in inducing labor, I highly recommend acupuncture.) GB stands for Gall Bladder, one of the meridians used in Chinese medicine theory. Here’s a detailed video tutorial on how to find it. It’s right on the shoulder where people carry […]

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Acupressure point to stop hiccups

Hiccups occur when there are spasms in the diaphragm. Here are two of several acupressure points that help stop the hiccups. The next one also works to prevent a sneeze to come out. If the above doesn’t work, try these methods especially the Awoga Method! *If the hiccups persist please seek a medical attention.

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Acupressure point to stop a sneeze

Sneezing isn’t bad. However, in a situation where you shouldn’t sneeze, you can press an acupressure point to stop it. When you feel a sneeze is coming, press the area just below the nose into the upper gum with one or two fingers (see the pictures below) and hold as the sneeze magically disappears. To […]

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