Acupressure point to stop a sneeze

Sneezing isn’t bad. However, in a situation where you shouldn’t sneeze, you can press an acupressure point to stop it. When you feel a sneeze is coming, press the area just below the nose into the upper gum with one or two fingers (see the pictures below) and hold as the sneeze magically disappears. To […]

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What do you want your massage therapist to do or not to do when you receive massage? Few months ago I had a horrifying experience when I went to one of those Asian foot massage places. This one used to be very good but apparently the owner changed and the name was different. In addition […]

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Welcome to Bliss Squared Massage’s Blog

Hello and welcome to Bliss Squared Massage‘s blog. My name is Yasko Kawamura. I am a licensed massage therapist based in Orange County, California. I work part-time at a high-end spa and chiropractor’s office as a massage therapist. I also facilitate happy relationships by teaching couples how to massage each other. I strongly believe that […]

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