This week I’m going to show some acupressure points for arthritis.

The first set of points are on the fingertips. On the thumb, index finger, and middle finger they are located on the lower inner corner of the nail bed. On the ring finger it’s located on the lower outer corner of the nail bed. On the pinky finger they are on both sides of the lower corners the nail bed.

To be exact it’s where the vertical edge line and the horizontal edge line meets. But to make it easier just pinch both sides of the lower corners of each finger nail and stimulate with your fingertips or fingernail. Do it on both hands.

There are different opinions about the point for the middle finger. Some people say the point is actually located on the tip of the middle finger instead of lower inner corner of the nail bed. So to cover that theory, you can also stimulate the top of the middle finger.

Another set of points are near the wrist.

外関 Triple Warmer 5/Triple Heater 5 (TW5/TH5) – The first one is called Triple Warmer 5 and it’s located two thumb widths from the outer wrist crease.

内関 Pericardium 6(P6)– The other one is called Pericardium 6 and it’s two thumb widths from the inner wrist crease between the two tendons

You can press these points at the same time and hold if for one minute as you breathe deeply.

Massage Monday #316 Acupressure Points for Arthritis


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