Acupressure for Asthma Attack

This week I’ll show you some acupressure points for mild asthma attack. To make it easier to remember I’m going to show three points just on your hands.

Press these points on each hand on a regular basis for prevention or when you feel the asthma attack coming or if you’re having a mild asthma attack. If you’re having an acute or severe asthma attack please seek appropriate medical help.

咳喘点 – The first point is between the base of the index finger and middle finger. This is not on the traditional meridians but it’s a point for coughing. Firmly press this point with your index finger or hooked thumb.

咳喘点 acupressure point

魚際 (LU 10) – The next one is between the two boney parts below the thumb and on the line that changes color. This is called Lung 10 or LU 10. Firmly press this point with a hooked thumb.

魚際 Lung 10 LU 10 acupressure point

太淵 (LU 9) – The last one is on the wrist crease on the thumb side. When you touch you will feel the pulse. This is called Lung 9 or LU 9. Don’t press too hard to cut off the circulation.

太淵 Lung 9 LU 9 acupressure point

Repeat on the other hand.

Massage Monday #349 – Acupressure for Asthma Attack

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JK - July 3, 2017

Good acupressure points.

    bliss2massage - August 4, 2020

    Thank you!

Mona - September 7, 2017

Outstanding post! It’s not easy to cure asthma completely but, acupressure can help you to control it. You have written very well about asthma acupressure points. This information is really helpful for asthma patients.


    bliss2massage - August 4, 2020

    Thank you so much for your kind words!

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